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Spanish Counter Intelligence Report Dismisses Accusations of Morocco Being Involved in Espionage|Madrid -- 
A report from the Spanish counterintelligence center, operating under the Presidency of the Spanish Government, has cleared Morocco of all charges of espionage and interference in Spain's internal affairs.

The recently released report categorically puts to rest all suspicions and accusations aimed at the Kingdom of Morocco. Previously, the country nicknamed the Sunset was accused of being involved in a series of alleged espionage activities targeting Spanish President Pedro Sánchez and other high-ranking officials, allegedly facilitated by Pegasus software.

It is worth noting that these allegations were refuted by senior Spanish officials in November 2022 during a hearing before a European Parliament committee investigating the use of Pegasus software.

Likewise, the Spanish National Court has decided, in July 2023, to close the Pegasus case due to lack of evidence. (PERSISMA/Ed)

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